Cornered: Dr. Richard J. Sharpe; As I Knew Him
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In the year 2000, Linda DeFruscio was forced to make an unthinkable decision. Someone whose genius she admired immensely, a business associate and dear friend, committed a terrible crime. In response, she could cut off their friendship and avoid the risk of losing friends, clients and her own peace of mind—or, she could trust her gut and try to save some aspect of her friend's humanity. She went with her gut.

Cornered is Linda DeFruscio’s story of her long and often complex association with Dr. Richard J. Sharpe, the millionaire dermatologist from Gloucester, MA who was convicted of killing his wife. Because of the magnitude of the public’s interest in the crime, the perpetrator's crossdressing inclinations, trial, imprisonment, suicide attempts, and eventual death were all well documented. Linda’s story goes behind these facts. She takes us into Sharpe's mind—an insider’s look that even the jury and the psychologists who interviewed him were never able to access—and along the way, we come to know Linda—a quirky, perceptive and curious observer who sometimes had to look deep, deep into her own heart to find the compassion to continue to befriend Sharpe.

Beautifully written and surprisingly tender, Cornered allows the reader an upfront view of the fragility of genius and the decline into madness, all while casting a second light on how one woman’s refusal to turn her back resulted in momentous changes in her own life. 

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Cornered: Dr. Richard J. Sharpe; As I Knew Him

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